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That cute looking chick with long and sexy dark hair is here to be treated with pain and humiliation. Master wants to see her not only totally helpless but also horny as never before. He  outs that slut into his torture chamber where he has all necessary bdsm devices to punish that submissive hottie. First of all he takes all her clothes from her magnificent body and exposes her tasty pussy and decent sized boobs. She gets restrained with a nice sets of shackles binding her legs and arms together. Now it is time to show her obedience to superior male master and suck his dominant erected cock. It is not so easy to do since her hands are still restrained but she does her best. Next she is fixed in the massive bdsm chair with that weird cage on her head. Now master wants to return some please and starts to drill her cut with a dildo and work on her clit with tiny vibrator. She is definitely overexcited so her dom wants to chill her heaby metal device that squeezes her nasty big tits! She experience one of the nastiest breast bondage positions ever and can’t do anything about her helpless state. Watch her being tormented and forced to cum in the full streaming bdsm video!

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nasty slave fixed in metal device with boobs bondage and spankedDana Vixen is the kind of girl who loves to give up her pleasure to someone else – especially someone like Damon Pierce who knows what boobs bondage is all about.  He has lots of tools that can take her to that space in her mind where she never wants to come back from and he uses everything he can.  He ties her up and bounds her breast with ropes, squeezes them between metal rods, and shows her how intense boobs bondage can really be.  There is not a part of her body that will ever forget the torture Damon Pierce submitted her to!

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Sybil has been through some breast bondage scenes before but they are nothing in comparison to what PD has in mind for her.  He has loved her big tits from the moment he set eyes on them and has been planning all sorts of torturous things to put them through.  The suction cups are what he starts with and she finds out that there is lots of pain involved when they leave blisters.  The breast bondage is just the start of her torture and PD is going to really drag it out before he lets her explode in the wildest orgasm she has ever experienced!

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extreme fixation with squeezed breast and leather maskDamon Pierce is a master at taking girls like Ashley Graham to a level that they never knew was possible.  He likes seeing her helpless and spread out for the taking and that is part of the thrill for Ashley, too. Boobs bondage and torture are just the thing that Ashley Graham needs to get rid of her daily stressors and when she submits to Damon Pierce it is like she is giving all the control over to him.  And having someone else be in control of her sexual pleasure turns her on even more than the boobs bondage or anything else he can submit her to.

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SD knows exactly how to get the best reaction out of Rain Degrey when she is in a breast bondage session. She can tell by the whimpers or the screams what is causing pain and what gives her pleasure and she is sure to make sure that it is more on the pain side!  SD truly enjoys watching Rain struggle and hearing the sounds that come from deep within her throat.  The breast torture combined with some serious clit torture give Rain the ultimate experience and it just makes her cum harder when SD finally feels like she is ready for it.

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When Jade Indica agreed to submit to some electricity torture with Claire Adams she really had no clue what she was getting into.  She thought it was going to be something sexy like a violet want but Claire is way beyond that.  Claire likes to combine her electrical play with boobs bondage that will deliver some extreme sensations and yes, pain.  Even though Jade was new to the boobs bondage thing and the electrical play, she soon found out that it was very exciting and when she came – well, both Jade and Claire got a lot of pleasure from her pain!

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arousing sex slave is stretched painfully and gets nipples tormented with sucking cupsWhen it comes to breast bondage, PD is the king and he knows exactly how tight to tie the ropes to take a girl to the point when she’s got nothing left but tears to give.  Nicki Blue is one of his favorite girls because she never has a limit and she’ll submit to his every whim.  She gets off on the pain and the more he tortures her with breast bondage the wetter she gets, and eventually the harder she will cum when he allows her to.  This is one girl that truly knows how to please a Master and she doesn’t stop giving until she has nothing left!

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asian hottie in stripe boosb bondageNyssa is a sexy little Asian doll who loves to submit to the strong hand of a good Master like PD.  There is nothing that turns her on more than the thought of the pain and humiliation that he can bestow upon her except for the boobs bondage fun that he likes to have.  He likes to get creative and in this scene he puts some duct tape to very good use in binding her cute tits.  This is one boobs bondage scene that is hardcore and serious – just like everything else that PD does!  Nyssa loves a man like PD who is not afraid to submit her to some real breast torture in order to fulfill his sick and twisted needs – it just gets her wet!

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Cherry Torn knows that the cell she is kept is in paradise in comparison to what happens when her brings her out to play but that is part of the reason that she adores his unmerciful hands.  She loves that he’s not afraid to submit her to some crazy breast bondage or some severe pussy play that will make her scream and yell and get her wet with excitement.  Anything he dares to submit her to thrills her but his talent at breast bondage is what turns her on the most.  The tighter he binds her breasts the more worked up she gets.

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tiny boobs are tortured and tied upOne of the things that terrifies Elise Graves more than anything is having a hood on her head so that she can’t see a thing.  Even the boobs bondage that PD frequently puts her through is better than that.  With the hood on she barely has enough air to breathe and she gets claustrophobic.  Of course, when PD really wants to torment her he combines the boobs bondage with the hood and then she yells her fool head off.  Doesn’t she know that it just turns PD on more?  The more she yells, the more pleasure that PD takes from tormenting her!